Star Trek. Guía de episodios

Guía de episodiosReunir en su colección privada todos los episodios de Star Trek y sus secuelas es el sueño de cualquier trekker. Y no me refiero sólo a los veteranos que disfrutaron de la serie original, sino de los que se han incorporado a la saga gracias a la nueva entrega de Star Trek rodada por J.J. Abrams.

Star Trek, la conquista del espacio / Viaje a las estrellas (Star Trek)

Periodo de emisión: Desde el 8 de septiembre de 1966 hasta el 3 de junio de 1969.

Reparto: William Shatner (Capitán James Kirk), Leonard Nimoy (Teniente oficial científico Spock), DeForest Kelley (Teniente oficial científico Leonard McCoy), James Doohan (Jefe de ingeniería Montgomery Scout), Michelle Nichols (Oficial de comunicaciones Uhura), George Takei (teniente de navegación Hikaru Sulu), Walter Koenig (Alférez Pavel Chejov)

Guía de episodios

Episodios piloto: The Cage (1965); Where no man has gone before (1966).

Primera temporada (8 de septiembre de 1966-13 de abril de 1967): The man trap; Charlie X; The naked time; The enemy within; Mudd's women; What are little girls made of?; Miri; Dagger of the mind; The corbomite maneuver; The menagerie I; The menagerie II; The conscience of the king; Balance of terror; Shore leave; The Galileo seven; The squire of Gothos; Arena; Tomorrow is yesterday; Court martial; The return of the Archons; Space seed; A taste of Armageddon; This side of paradise; The devil in the dark; Errand of mercy; The alternative factor; The city on the edge of forever; Operation: Annihilate.

Segunda temporada (15 de septiembre de 1967-29 de marzo de 1968): Amok Time; Who mourns for Adonis; The changeling; Mirror, mirror; The apple; The doomsday machine; Catspaw; I, Mudd; Metamorphosis; Journey to Babel; Friday's child; The deadly years; Obsession; Wolf in the fold; The trouble with tribbles; The gamesters of Triskelion; A piece of the action; The immunity syndrome; A private little war; Return to tomorrow; Patterns of force; By any other name; The Omega glory; The ultimate computer; Bread and circuses; Assignment: Earth.

Tercera temporada (20 de septiembre de 1968-3 de junio de 1969): Spock's brain; The Enterprise incident; The paradise syndrome; And the children shall lead; Is there in truth no beauty?; Spectre of the gun; Day of the dove; For the world is hollow...; The Tholian web; Plato's stepchildren; Wink of an eye; The empath; Elaan of Troyius; Whom gods destroy; Let that be your last battlefield; The mark of Gideon; That which survives; The lights of Zetar; Requiem for Methuselah; The way to Eden; The cloud minders; The savage curtain; All our yesterdays; Turnabout intruder.

Star Trek. La serie animada (Star Trek: The Animated Adventures)

Periodo de emisión: Desde el 8 de septiembre de 1973 hasta el 12 de octubre de 1974.

Reparto: William Shatner (Capitán James Kirk), Leonard Nimoy (Teniente oficial científico Spock), DeForest Kelley (Teniente oficial científico Leonard McCoy), James Doohan (Jefe de ingeniería Montgomery Scout), Michelle Nichols (Oficial de comunicaciones Uhura), George Takei (teniente de navegación Hikaru Sulu), Walter Koenig (Alférez Pavel Chejov).

Guía de episodios

Primera temporada (15 de septiembre de 1973-13 de enero de 1974): Yesteryear; One of our planets is missing; The Lorelei signal; More tribbles, more troubles; The survivor; The infinite vulcan; The magics of Megas-Tu; Once upon a planet; Mudd's passion; The Terratin incident; Time trap; The Ambergris element; Slaver weapon; Beyond the farthest star; The eye of the beholder; Jihad.

Segunda temporada (7 de septiembre de 1974-12 de octubre de 1974): The pirates of Orion; Bem; Practical joker; Albatross; How sharper than a serpent's tooth; The counter-clock incident.

Star Trek: La nueva generación (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Periodo de emisión: Desde el 28 de septiembre de 1987 hasta el 23 de mayo de 1994.

Reparto: Patrick Stewart (Capitán Jean-Luc Picard), Jonathan Frakes (Comandante William T. Riker), LeVar Burton (Teniente Geordi La Forge, ingeniero jefe), Marina Sirtis (Consejera Deanna Troi), Brent Spiner (Teniente comandante Data, oficial científico), Michael Dorn (Teniente Worf, jefe de seguridad), Gates McFadden (Doctora Beverly Crusher), Majel Barrett (Computadora), Wil Wheaton (Alférez Wesley Crusher).

Guía de episodios

Primera temporada (26 de septiembre de 1987-14 de mayo de 1988): Encounter at Farpoint; The naked now; Code of honor; The last outpost; Where no one has one before; Lonely among us; Justice; The battle; Hide and Q; Haven; The big goodbye; Datalore; Angel one; 11001001; Too short a season; When the bough breaks; Home soil; Coming of age; Heart of glory; The Arsenal of freedom; Symbiosis; Skin of evil; We'll always have Paris; Conspiracy; The neutral zone.

Segunda temporada (19 de noviembre de 1988-15 de julio de 1989): The child; Where silence has lease; Elementary, dear Data; The outrageous Okona; Loud as a whisper; The schizoid man; Unnatural selection; A matter of honor; The measure of a man; The dauphin; Contagion; The Royale; Time squared; The Icarus factor; Pen pals; Q who; Samaritan snare; Up the long ladder; Manhunt; The emissary; Peak performance; Shades of gray.

Tercera temporada (23 de septiembre de 1989-16 de junio de 1990): Evolution; The ensigns of command; The survivors; Who watches the watchers; The bonding; Booby trap; The Enemy; The price; The vengeance factor; The defector; The hunted; The high Ground; Deja Q; A matter of perspective; Yesterday's Enterprise; The offspring; Sins of the father; Allegiance; Captain's holiday; Tin man; Hollow pursuits; The most toys; Sarek; Menage a Troi; Transfigurations; The best of both worlds I.

Cuarta temporada (22 de septiembre de 1990-15 de junio de 1991): The best of both worlds II; Family; Brothers; Suddenly human; Remember me; Legacy; Reunion; Future imperfect; Final mission; The loss; Data's day; The wounded; Devil's due; Clues; First contact; Galaxy's child; Night terrors; Identity crisis; The nth degree; Qpid; The drumhead; Half a life; The host; The mind's eye; In theory; Redemption I.

Quinta temporada (21 de septiembre de 1991-6 de junio de 1992): Redemption II; Darmok; Ensign Ro; Silicon avatar; Disaster; The game; Unification I; Unification II; A matter of time; New ground; Hero worship; Violations; The masterpiece society; Conundrum; Power play; Ethics; The outcast; Cause and effect; The first duty; Cost of living; The perfect mate; Imaginary friend; I, Borg; The next phase; Inner light; Time's arrow I.

Sexta temporada (19 de septiembre de 1992-19 de junio de 1993): Time's arrow II; Realm of fear; Man of the people; Relics; Schisms; True Q; Rascals; A fistful of Datas; The quality of life; Chain of command I; Chain of command II; Ship in a bottle; Aquiel; Face of the enemy; Tapestry; Birthright I; Birthright II; Starship mine; Lessons; The chase; Frame of mind; Suspicions; Rightful heir; Second chances; Timescape; Descent I.

Séptima temporada (18 de septiembre de 1993-22 de mayo de 1994): Descent II; Liaisons; Interface; Gambit I; Gambit II; Phantasms; Dark page; Attached; Force of nature; Inheritance; Parallels; The Pegasus; Homeward; Sub Rosa; Lower decks; Thine own self; Masks; Eye of the beholder; Genesis; Journey's end; Firstborn; Bloodlines; Emergence; Preemptive strike; All good things...

Star Trek: Espacio Profundo Nueve (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

Periodo de emisión: Desde el 3 de enero de 1993 hasta el 2 de junio de 1999.

Reparto: Avery Brooks (Comandante Sisko), Rene Auberjonois (Odo), Cirroc Lofton (Jake Sisko), Alexander Siddig (Oficial jefe médico Bashir), Colm Meaney (Jefe O'Brien), Armin Shimerman (Quark), Nana Visitor (Primer oficial Kira), Terry Farell (Consejera Jadzia Dax), Michael Dorn (Teniente comandante Worf) y Mark Allen Shepherd (Morn).

Guía de episodios

Primera temporada (3 de enero de 1993-20 de junio de 1993): Emissary; Past prologue; A man alone; Babel; Captive pursuit; Q-Less; Dax; The passenger; Move along home; The Nagus; Vortex; Battle lines; The storyteller; Progress; If wishes were horses; The forsaken; Dramatis personae; Duet; In the hands of the prophets.

Segunda temporada (25 de septiembre de 1993-12 de junio de 1994): The homecoming; The circle; The siege; Invasive procedures; Cardassians; Melora; Rules of acquisition; Necessary evil; Second sight; Sanctuary; Rivals; The alternate; Armageddon game; Whispers; Paradise; Shadowplay; Playing God; Profit and loss; Blood oath; The Maquis I; The Maquis II; The wire; Crossover; The collaborator; Tribunal; The Jem'Hadar.

Tercera temporada (25 de septiembre de 1994-18 de junio de 1995): The search I; The search II; The house of Quark; Equilibrium; Second skin; The abandoned; Civil defense; Meridian; Defiant; Fascination; Past tense I; Past Tense II; Life support; Heart of stone; Destiny; Prophet motive; Visionary; Distant voices; Through the looking glass; Improbable cause; The die is cast; Explorers; Family business; Shakaar; 471 facets; The adversary.

Cuarta temporada (1 de octubre de 1995-16 de junio de 1996): The way of the warrior; The visitor; Hippocratic oath; Indiscretion; Rejoined; Little green men; Starship down; The sword of Kahless; Our man Bashir; Homefront; Paradise lost; Crossfire; Return to grace; The sons of Mogh; The Bar Association; Accession; Rules of engagement; Hard time; Shattered mirror; The muse; For the cause; To The death; The quickening; Body parts; Broken link.

Quinta temporada (29 de septiembre de 1996-15 de junio de 1997): Apocalypse rising; The ship; Looking for Par'mach in all the wrong places; Nor the battle to the strong; The assignment; Trials and tribble-ations; He who is without sin; Things past; The ascent; Rapture; The darkness and the light; The begotten; For the uniform; In purgatory's shadow; By Infernos light; Doctor Bashir, I presume; A simple investigation; Business as usual; Ties of blood and water; Ferengi love songs; Soldiers of the Empire; Children of time; Blaze of glory; Empok Nor; In the cards; A call to arms.

Sexta temporada (28 de septiembre de 1997-13 de junio de 1998): A Time To Stand; Rocks and Shoals; Sons and Daughters; Behind The Lines; Favor the Bold; The Sacrifice of Angels; You Are Cordially Invited; Resurrection; Statistical Probabilities; The Magnificent Ferengi; Waltz; Who Mourns For Morn?; Far Beyond The Stara; One Little Ship; Honor Among Thieves; A Change of Herat; Wrongs Darker Than Death Or Night; Inquisition; In The Pale Moonlight; His Way; The Reckoning; The Valiant; Profit and Lace; Time's Orphan; The Sound of Her Voice; Tears of the Prophets.

Séptima temporada (26 de septiembre de 1998-29 de mayo de 1999): Image In The Sand; Shadows And Symbols; Afterimage; Take Me Out To The Holo-Suite; Chrysalis; Treachery, Faith And The Great River; Once More Into The Breach; The Seige of AR-558; Covenant; It's Only A Paper Moon; Prodigal Daughter; The Emperor's New Cloak; Field of Fire; Cimera; Baddabing, Baddabang; Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges; Penumbra; Umbra; Eclipse; The Changing Face of Evil; When It Rains...; Tacking With The Wind; Night Tremors; Dogs of War; Fin de Siecle.

Star Trek: Voyager (Star Trek: Voyager)

Periodo de emisión: Desde el 16 de enero de 1995 hasta el 23 de mayo de 2001.

Reparto: Kate Mulgrew (Capitán Kathryn Janeway), Robert Beltran (Chakotay), Roxann Dawson (Ingeniero jefe B'Elanna Torres), Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris), Ethan Phillips (Neelix), Robert Picardo (El Doctor), Tim Russ (Tuvok), Garrett Wang (Alférez Harry Kim), Tarik Ergin (Teniente Ayala), Jennifer Lien (Kes) y Majel Barrett (Computadora).

Guía de episodios

Primera temporada (16 de enero de 1995-22 de mayo de 1995): Caretaker; Parallax; Time and again; Phage; The cloud; Eye of the needle; Ex post facto; Emanations; Prime factors; State of flux; Heroes and demons; Cathexis; Faces; Jetrel; Learning curve.

Segunda temporada (28 de agosto de 1995-20 de mayo de 1996): The 37's; Initiations; Projections; Elogium; Non sequitur; Twisted; Parturition; Persistance of vision; Tattoo; Cold fire; Maneuvers; Resistance; Prototype; Alliances; Threshold; Meld; Dreadnought; Death wish; Lifesigns; Investigations; Deadlock; Innocence; The thaw; Tuvix; Resolutions; Basics I.

Tercera temporada (4 de septiembre de 1996-23 de mayo de 1997): Basics II; Flashback; The chute; The swarm; False profits; Remember; Sacred ground; Future's end I; Future's end I; Warlord; The Q and the grey; Macrocosm; Fair trade; Alter ego; Coda; Blood fever; Unity; The darkling; Rise; Favourite son; Before and after; Real life; Distant origin; Displaced; Worst case scenario; Scorpion I.

Cuarta temporada (3 de septiembre de 1997-20 de mayo de 1998): Scorpion, Parte II; The Gift; Day of Honor; Nemesis; Revulsion; The Raven; Scientific Method; Year of Hell, Parte I; Year of Hell, Parte II; Random Thoughts; Concerning Flight; Mortal Coil; Waking Moments; Message in a Bottle; Hunters; Prey; Retrospect; The Killing Game, Parte I; The Killing Game, Parte II; Vis à Vis; The Omega Directive; Unforgettable; Living Witness; Demon; One; Hope and Fear.

Quinta temporada (14 de octubre de 1998-26 de mayo de 1999): Night; Drone; Extreme Risk; In the Flash; Once Upon a Time; Tímeles; Infinite Regress; Nothing Human; Thirty Days; Counterpoint; Latent Image; Bride of Chaotica!; Gravity; Bliss; Dark Frontier, Parte I; Dark Frontier, Parte II; The Disease; Course: Oblivion; The Fight; Think Tank; Juggernaut; Someone to Watch Over Me; 11:59; Relativity; Warhead; Equinox, Parte I.

Sexta temporada (22 de septiembre de 1999-24 de mayo de 2000): Equinox, Parte II; Survival Instinct; Barge of the Dead; Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy; Alice; Riddles; Dragon's Teeth; One Small Step; The Voyager Conspiracy; Pathfinder; Fair Haven; Blink of an Eye; Virtuoso; Memorial; Tsunkatse; Collective; Spirit Fol.; Ashes to Ashes; Child's Play; Good Shepherd; Live Fast and Prosper; Muse; Fury; Life Line; The Haunting of Deck Twelve; Unimatrix Zero, Parte I.

Séptima temporada (4 de octubre de 2000-23 de mayo de 2001): Unimatrix Zero, Parte II; Imperfection; Drive; Repression; Critical Care; Inside Man; Body and Soul; Nightingale; Flesh and Blood, Parte I; Flesh and Blood, Parte II; Shattered; Lineage; Repentance; Prophecy; The Void; Workforce, Parte I; Workforce, Parte II; Human Error; Q2; Author, Autor; Friendship One; Natural Law; Homestead; Renaissance Man; Endgame, Parte I; Endgame, Parte II.

Star Trek: Enterprise (Star Trek: Enterprise)

Periodo de emisión: Desde el 26 de septiembre de 2001 hasta el 13 de mayo de 2005.

Reparto: Scott Bakula (Capitán Jonathan Archer), Jolene Blalock (Subcomandante T'Pol), John Billingsley (Dr. Phlox), Dominic Keating (Teniente Malcolm Reed), Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather), Linda Park (Alférez Hoshi Sato), Connor Trinneer (Comandante Charles 'Trip' Tucker III), Mark Correy (Ingeniero Alex).

Guía de episodios

Primera temporada (26 de septiembre de 2001-22 de mayo de 2002): Broken Bow; Fight or Flight; Strange New World; Unexpected; Terra Nova; The Andorian Incident; Breaking the Ice; Civilization; Fortunate Son; Cold Front; Silent Enema; Dear Doctor; Sleeping Dogs    ; Shadows of P'Jem; Shuttlepod One; Fusion; Rogue Planet; Acquisition; Oasis; Detained; Vox Sola; Fallen Hero; Desert Crossing; Two Days And Two Nights; Shockwave.

Segunda temporada (18 de septiembre de 2002-21 de mayo de 2003): Shockwave, Parte II; Carbon Creek; Minefield; Dead Stop; A Night In Sickbay; Marauders; The Seventh; The Communicator; Singularity; Vanishing Point; Precious Cargo; The Catwalk; Dawn; Stigma; Cease Fire; Future Tense; The Crossing; Judgment; Horizon; The Breach; Cogenitor; Regeneration; First Flight; Bounty; The Expanse.

Tercera temporada (10 de septiembre de 2003-26 de mayo de 2004): The Xindi; Anomaly; Extinction; Rajiin; Impulse; Exile; The Shipment; Twilight; North Star; Similitude; Carpenter Street; Chosen Realm; Proving Ground; Stratagem; Harbinger; Doctor's Orders; Hatchery; Azati Prime; Damage; The Forgotten; E²; The Council; Countdown; Zero Hour.

Cuarta temporada (10 de septiembre de 2004-11 de diciembre de 2004): Storm Front, Parte I; Storm Front, Parte II; Home; Borderland; Cold Station; The Augments; The Forge; Awakening; Kir'Shara; Daedalus; Observer Effect; Babel One; United; The Aenar; Affliction; Divergence; Bound; In A Mirror, Darkly, Parte I; In A Mirror, Darkly, Parte II; Demons; Terra Prime; These Are The Voyages; Debugging Entry.

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